With the new advances in technology and the rise of cloud services users may be asking themselves if it is still worth backing up computer data.

First off, only a few are aware that there are two types of backup: a back up of the files, which retrieves only contacts and the main files of the computer (but not its file system), and the image backup that takes care of creating an entire image of the computer that can be restore into the same machine in case of hard drive failure, especially when users bought an oem version of the Operating system and do not have the entire installation CD.

Back ups are also recommended if users use outlook or an email client: if the emails are configured with a pop 3 account and the computer crashes, it will be hard to get the emails back from a dead hard drive.To back email in Outlook, click File and choose Import and Export. Select Export To a File,click Next,choose Personal Folder File (.pst), and then click Next and select your contacts,email, and whatever else you want to back up. In Outlook Express, click File, Export, and choose either Address Book or Messages (you’ll probably want to export both). Finally, make sure you write down your account settings. To find these, click the Tools menu and choose E-mail Accounts (Outlook) or Accounts (OE).



In addition, when users keep using their computers and save bookmarks on their browsers, it is also a good practice to be able to save and export the list of bookmarks into an external hard drive.Users preferences are so vital and relate to the users’ history and customization of the machine.

At the moment of backing up you should ask yourself if all the software installed is retrievable via an installation CD: important software like Turbotax, Quickbooks and Adobe should be also physically present outside of the pc with a normal CD and ready to be used in case of crash.

Itunes can be backed up following the advice that Apple gives on its website and after having consolidated the account: once performed all the tasks being asked, it is easy to drag and drop the music folder into an external hard drive or a flash drive.

People can get really sad if they lose their pictures: pictures are part of the family history and recall precious moments spent together: images can be backed up into an external hard drive or into a cloud service such as Google Drive or Microsoft Sky Drive.

As today new storage services pop up very frequently, it is really vital to be able to save as much data as possible in order to avoid unrecoverable computer disasters.