Recently Pc Doctor Connecticut has been receiving phone calls regarding home users whose desktop computers did not turn on anymore or stopped working. We would love to share with you some piece of advise for troubleshooting your machine, just in case you want to try to do something yourself to get out of trouble.

  • Computer not Turning on Anymore

Try to keep pressed for 10 seconds the power button and see if the computer turns on. If it does, it might just have been a temporary lack of power. If it does not turn on anymore, you may want to ask for professional help. Before seeking help, make sure your files are all backed up and stored in a safe place, such as an external hard drive or on a cloud service.

  •  Computer Turning On But Not Loading Windows

In this case, the motherboard posts but you may want to check if the hard drive is still readable by the motherboard. You can see the list of the computer components in the Bios as soon as you keep browsing with the arrow keys. If the hard drive is not recognized by the motherboard, it may be time to get a new hard drive and install the operating system from scratch. We highly recommend to upgrade to Windwos 10 because the latest system created by Windows is easy to install and no chipset or Ethernet drivers are needed.

  • Computer Turns on But It Is Slow

If your computer is slow you may have a virus or your hard drive may be full. To clean your computer follow these steps: remove unnecessary programs, defragment the hard drive, clean your computer with malware bytes and remove as many browser extensions as possible.

  • Computer Displaying Blue Screen of Death

BSOD is a tough task, because the solution to the error is in the numbers and letters displayed at the bottom of the screen. When the blue screen of death shows up, make sure to take a picture of it with your smart phone and start googling the error code. BSOD may be cause by a virus, a new software update, a defective flash drive and lack of drivers update.

  • We Are Here to Help

Pc Doctor Connecticut can find put pretty quickly what the problem is. You can contact us for a diagnostic or a repair. We cover a wide range of customers and we travel to homes and businesses to make sure that your network is up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.