Pc Doctor Connecticut was created with the specific purpose of helping business and individuals to get smoothly through the maze of technology. We offer a wide range of computer and networking services such as:

– Windows Computer and Laptop Repair

If your machine acts erratically or you have received the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), do not panic, because we can come to the rescue.

– Apple Imac and Macbook Pro Repair

We know that now thin machines mean being cool but if they become very slow, probably do not have a lot of memory and your user experience can cecome frustrating. Contact us to know more.


– Network Security

If you own a small or large business or are processing credit cards, you should consider using our services since we really take seriously network security and intrusion prevention. We use the state of the art technology to keep malware outside the perimeter of your institution and fight hard to get rid of the nasties once they have breached into your network.

– Devices Syncing

Today we all have two or three devices each but very often we do not know how to get the most of them. We can help you figure out how syncing devices in the cloud can boost your productivity and enhance the security of your systems.

– Customized Computer Building

Is your son graduating or just received a good grade? We love to build powerful computers with the state of the art technology. We build gaming rigs that are water cooled and have six or eight monster cores. We love quality hardware and only work with premium hardware pieces.

– Network Troubleshooting and Wireless Extension

Is your Network’s signal weak or poor? We have customized solutions that allow our clients to enjoy the speed of their network throughout the house no matter how many floors their property has. We really make the money spend for an Internet speed really worth it, trust us !