I still believe that technology is awesome in making our lives easier and in saving the ones of those who are in danger. Technology, however, is like a tide that expands and retracts in new forms every month.

Let’s face it: the profession of the computer technician who is able to fix your computer and becomes a hero after having saved a machine from disaster is disappearing. Nowadays new skills are required and the computer technician acts more as a consultant for homes and small businesses.

Hardware is almost non existing today, as computers are getting smaller and thinner. Mechanical hard drives are disappearing and memory is soldered in the motherboard in many laptop brands.

So what? Are All Computer Technician Doomed to Disappear?

Not really. As long as there is a network that needs to be configured or set up from scratch, users will always need a computer expert. As a matter of fact,  so many times we have seen users trying to put extenders into their homes and they have failed to do it because they did not know, for example, that they cannot put an AC extender on an old WIFI N router.

Similarly, most users still do not backup regularly their computers and voila! their data are trapped in a machine that does not want to turn on anymore. Here is when the computer expert turns from a technician to an adviser: the role of the geek is to avoid that disaster happens again and if it happens again, data are safe elsewhere and not stuck anymore in a dead computer.

For business, the role of the computer consultant spans from recommending new hardware and convincing the business owner that he cannot treat a business network with appliances made for home networks. When there are sensitive data at stake, the risk of being naive in designing a business network can have terrible consequences.

We live in the age of software that is running on the least amount of hardware as possible. Therefore, cloud applications can all be virtualized; servers can become virtual machines and can run on less powerful hardware. With the resources available today, there is more chance for a business network to become more redundant than there was three years ago and this is because cloud services and virtualized machine are opening a new future where productivity will suffer the least amount of downtime as possible.