Cannot scan from your printer? A couple of days ago we have visited a client of us in Greenwich Connecticut whose Epson printer was not performing scanning functions. Every printer and scanner react differently on every computer because the software that makes the printer work is different. However, within this constantly changing scenario, some rules for troubleshooting a scanner do never change and come into play every time there is something to troubleshoot on a network.

Here is what we have tried before fixing it:

  • Check the Printer’s Network Connection

No matter if the printer is connected via WiFi or via Ethernet cable, you should be able to see in the printer control panel if the printer is still picking up an IP address. If there is no network connection, connect first the printer to the network and assign to it a static IP address.

  • Check if the Computer Recognizes the Printer

In the control panel of your Mac or Windows, you should be able to see if the printer is connected. on the Mac you should see a green dot that signals the printer connection to the network, on the Windows computer, you should see just the word “online- ready”.

  • Check if the Printer has Scanner Capabilities

If you do not have a specific software installed for your scanner, you may be able to scan from within the computer. Both macs and Windows have scanner functions.

The images below show the built-in scanning features of Mac and Windows in case your scanner is too old and does not have its own software.

On Windows 10 the scanning function looks like a real scanning piece of hardware:

On the mac, instead, once you have accessed the printer menu, there is a second tab that allows you to scan from the computer without installing the software from the printer manufacturer.

  • Install the Scanner Software

All the major all in one printers have a dedicated software that allows user to use the printer as scanner as well. In addition, the software can allow users to set up the scanner to scan :

  • to a network folder
  • to an email address
  • to a USB flash drive

We definitely recommend to install the scanner software and to reboot the computer after the installation to enjoy the full potential of the machine that will multitask for you by faxing, copying, printing and scanning.